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So Much Has Changed

I want to pause this week and share my heart about our responsibility as women in leadership when facing COVID – 19. So much has changed in the last week, hasn’t it? From schools closing, government mandates to limit social gatherings, small businesses having to change the way they service the customer in order to survive, drive through shopping, and grocery store delivery…it has all left us wondering, “Do we actually have enough toilet paper to get us through this pandemic???” 

All joking aside, we are reminded in times like these that we are finite, limited, and in need of saving. But GOD is not! Even when so much has changed, God has not. Hear me when I say ladies –NOW IS THE TIME!! 

Now is the time to be at peace when our world is in chaos. 

Now is the time to extend grace to others, while harsh opinions run rampant. 

Now is the time to show what submission to authority looks like, even when it makes us unsettled. 

Now is the time to serve others in creative ways instead of keeping to ourselves.

Now is the time to season each conversation with the hope of Jesus. 

Now is the time…Now! 

Ladies in leadership, rise up and be a voice of hope in the midst of all this chaos. This is what we were made for! God never said we would be comfortable, safe, or protected from the harshness of sin in this world. But we know He uses faithful women of obedience to change the course history! We can do this — we can embrace our relationships and circumstances with grace, steadfast faith, unwavering peace. Take your stance, because this is war! 

First, plant your feet in the Word! 

Second, meditate on God’s faithfulness to the women in Scripture that found themselves in crisis. 

Third, Don’t just recite verses in your mind — declare them out loud, several times a day! 

Our kids need to see us walk through uncertain times. Our husbands need to see the firm stance we take that allows us to support their hard decisions. Your ministry workers are looking to see how you continue to lead. Be bold, be at peace, be confident of the faithfulness we can bank on! We can do this! God has created you for such a time as this! Don’t shirk back in fear — boldly proclaim who is in control! I am praying for you each day ladies! So much has changed but we can be certain that even though we are finite, limited, and in need of saving, our God is not!

~ Dayna

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