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Socially Distanced Hospitality

When we think of hospitality and the way God wants us to open our hearts and homes to  others, we normally think of inviting people into our home. With a hope that we can feed more  than just the body, inviting others into our home allows us to feed the soul too.  How, though, is this possible in our socially distanced, Covid-confused, world right now do we have socially distanced hospitality?  

6 feet away

How can we show true hospitality, while staying 6 feet away, masked up, and in groups smaller than most of our family size?  

I think it’s a simple act of looking at how we define “invitation”.  

In the past, we literally invited family and friends over for the holidays, right? We’d clean and  decorate the house,. Then we plan a festive meal,. We welcome others into our home. Lastly we create an inviting  atmosphere in the hopes of laughter and conversation.  

But, what does it look like if we invited those same people in a different way?  

6 feet week ideas

Can you invite others into your holiday joy through a small gift of some sort with a personal  note? Maybe you can commit to an unrushed, fully focused time of conversation and  encouragement with a friend? Or possibly, you can invite some women to enjoy your family  recipes and traditions by hosting a virtual get together.  

In other words, we don’t necessarily have to invite women into our lives physically, but we can  always find ways to invite them into our lives relationally. And isn’t that the heart of hospitality  anyway?  

How will you invite others into your holiday season? What creative ideas have you excited to  share some holiday memories with others while using socially distanced hospitality?  


With the holidays coming up, we all need positive friends in our life. They help keep our eyes on loving people and enjoying this time of year. Our mentors would love to walk these next few months to help you have the joyous holiday time that God wants you to have. For more information go to

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