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Starting Over is So Crazy Hard.

Transition and Starting Over both can bring so many emotions. For some, it brings fear, anxiety and struggle.  For others, it  brings excitement, newness and life. But no matter how you feel with a transition or starting over it is hard. Starting over is so Crazy Hard!

I grew up as an Air Force brat.

My family moved from North Dakota to Alaska then Washington State. I then decided to go to Florida for College where I met my husband. After we got married we moved to Pennsylvania then Ohio then back to Pennsylvania. And then we stayed and stayed and stayed. For 16 years we actually stayed in the same place but of course we served in two different churches. Then 16 years later, I was ready for a move. I was ready to start over. Yes I am that crazy person that loves transitions and starting over. But even though these opportunities excite me, the older I get it becomes harder. 

So here is a little story about a Transition that was followed by a Starting Over. We had served in a church for 11 years and felt a great burden to do more. So we decided to transition out of our current church and move to a Senior Pastor position. But we did not realize at the time what was in our future and what it meant to start over. While looking for a new position we had multiple God-ordained circumstances come into our lives.

These circumstances led us to meet with 3 other couples who had such a deep desire to bring the gospel to the people of our community. So we met one night to pray for our community and what God wanted us to do. We left that prayer time filled with awe of how the Holy Spirit was in that room that night. A few days later, all four couples including us, knew God was calling us to start a church plant. We want a place where those who were unchurched, seekers or friends that we loved would feel comfortable and accepted. 

So guess what? 

We had to literally start over. When we started CenterPoint Community Church, we had 5 couples, a few books and a passion given to us by God. But it was hard work, long hours and many road bumps. We had highs and lows. We had blessings and not so blessings.  So many people felt comfortable being part of our church even when exploring who Jesus is.  Some became part of God’s family and others grew in their relationship with God. We grew so much but with growth comes some pain. And we at times felt that pain emotionally and physically. You see starting over is so crazy hard but with God it is always worth the journey. So don’t be afraid to say “Yes” to God when he asks you to start over. 


Are you going through a transition or Starting Over in ministry, career or even life, we are here for you. We can walk this path with you to support and pray for you. Check out our Mentor Program by clicking Here.

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