Stepping Where God Leads

 Lord Determines our steps 2.11.15

It wasn’t long ago that I became interested in a pedometer. Having been an avid walker for many years, I wondered exactly how many steps I took in the course of a day. Once I obtained my pedometer and set my step goal, I noticed that I was much more conscious of how many steps I was taking – I parked further away in the parking lot, I took the stairs instead of the elevator – all in an attempt to boost my step count. I was more aware of each step I was taking and enjoyed watching my step count rise throughout the day.

Then, I thought about my spiritual steps and how I ended up where I am today. The Bible tells us, “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps” Proverbs 19:3.

I look back on my life and see how the plans I had didn’t always mesh up with the steps that God had determined for me. When my husband and I were in college, he was determined to be a baseball player and even had a try-out for a professional team. It was during those college years that a Greek professor took a special interest in him and challenged him with Greek classes. Soon, our lives were pointed in a different direction. Even through seminary, teaching was the goal, but a summer internship at a church changed direction again. We had made plans, but remained soft and pliable as we sought God’s specific direction for us. We were both delighted when he was called to pastor a church.

I never would have dreamed I would be a pastor’s wife. My own goals of teaching took a back seat as I became the behind-the-scenes cheerleader for my husband and his ministry. Do I have any regrets? Not at all. It’s pure delight to see where God has brought us together. The ministry has given us many experiences and opportunities that would not have been available anywhere else.

So, I’ll continue to make plans, but try to remain flexible enough to recognize God’s direction each step of the way.

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