“Be still and know that I am God”.  Psalm 46:10

Do you all choose a word for the year?  It’s kind of new for me but I did it last year and I really, really found that it was helpful to have one specific thing to focus on.  Last year my word was “overwhelmed”.  It was a doozy but I learned some great things by looking at life through that lens.

This year, I’ve decided my word is “still”.  I’ve been feeling like “still” should be my word for a couple months now but advent confirmed it.  I felt like I was anything BUT still.  My whole family got sick for about a week and while that stinks at any time of year, December has to be the worst time to lose a week!  Just figuring out when to drag the Christmas decorations out of the attic had both my husband and I feeling “overwhelmed”.

One Sunday while we were sick, I was supposed to lead worship at our church but ended up loosing my voice. I called a dear friend to see if she could fill in for me.  I went with her to practice on Sunday morning and walked her through what I had planned.  After rehearsal, I told her how I felt as though my focus was not on Advent at all and declared I wanted a “December Do-Over!!”  In all of her wisdom, she said something to me that I’ve hung on to.  She said, “take that into the new year”.  Such a simple statement that had a profound impact on my point of view.  Advent isn’t a season – well, technically it is but it doesn’t have to be! December focuses on His first coming but our lives are what should focus on His second.  Instead of saving it all up for one specific part of the calendar year, we can live our lives focused on the advent of Christ.

That’s where “still” comes in.  I want to “be still and know that He is God”.  I want to be intentional about making time in my everyday life to be still and sit with God in whatever I’m going through.  Sometimes this looks like an hour of Bible study homework, sometimes this looks like a walk in the woods and sometimes it just looks like a worship song that hits home in the middle of carpool or helping my kids with their memory verses.  I love that God meets us where we are.  We just have to be “still” enough to notice.

How about you?  Do you struggle to be still?  What strategies have you set up in your life to help you slow down a little bit from time to time?


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