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Summer Fill-Up List

Get out your pen and paper to join me as we make our Summer Fill-Up List. 

We all wish summer months could be enjoyed lounging by the pool with sunglasses on and book in hand. But realistically, it often looks more like finding activities to keep the kids busy, running to more ministry events, and scrambling to pick up the house one more time. 

This week we’re going to be intentional by listing a few ways you want to create joy, calm, and rest this summer. 

For example, how spoiled would you feel if you decided to sleep in one day? Let the whole family know you’re planning to. Work the night before to get any early morning tasks done, set out cereal for the kids, turn off the alarm clock and enjoy the anticipation of one morning this week to stay in bed. 

For example, I got to spend two days this week getting my hands dirty and it felt wonderful! Maybe you enjoy gardening too. Therefore, write on the calendar which afternoon you are going to buy some flowers and spend an hour or two outside arranging God’s creation. 

Here are some other ideas to consider putting on your Summer Fill-Up List: 

1. Plant an herb garden 
2. Take a nap in the afternoon 
3. Read out in the sun 
4. Wash and clean out your car. 
5. Create a new space in your house just for you. 
6. Practice hand lettering
7. Buy a new journal and set aside time to log the day 
8. Buy a new face mask (the pampering kind, not the COVID-19 kind) 
9. Grab your favorite cup of coffee and curl up in a blanket to listen to a new Podcast. 
10. FT a friend 

In conclusion, we must be intentional with how we want to spend our days. Use this Summer Fill-Up List and sit down with your summer calendar. Schedule one a week. But remember, resting without the intent of filling back up with Jesus will always prove pointless! God’s best comes from a light yoke that only Jesus offers! Above all, use those once-a-week appointments to allow God to fill you with joy, calm, and rest this summer! 


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