Summertime Stress Busters

Stress Busters - plan now

Summer can be both relaxing and stressful all at the same time.  Lazy mornings, relaxed days, and calm evenings are what we all long for!  But for some of us, it doesn’t actually happen with kids around 24/7.  Realizing that the house will be more cluttered, laundry will pile up faster, and dishes will forever be in the sink can make having the kids home seem like more work then play.  That’s why it’s important to spend a little time before the bell let’s out to figure out your plan.

First, take 20 minutes and plan easy, quick, and tried-and-true dinner recipes.  Think GRILLING!  There is so much you can grill and everyone loves to smell dinner as they come in from their summer activity.  Maybe you even have a husband who thinks it’s his manly responsibility to fire up the grill and practice his criss cross grill marks — even better!  Having an idea of what your dinners are will keep you cool, relaxed, and cost-conscience.

Second, look over your calendar and plan one fun day a month for the family….and it doesn’t have to be expensive!  Take the kids hiking.  Go to a friend’s house and enjoy some pool time!  Take a Saturday and go yard-saling!  Spend a day with the kids fishing at a small water hole.  Who cares if you actually catch anything.  Pack a lunch and go to the park.  Being outside, getting some sun will help you enjoy the break too!

Third,  if possible, set your morning alarm a half hour later then you need to get up during the school year.  If you’re like me, you’re tempted to keep it set at the early hour so that you have more time to get the extra things done while everyone’s still sleeping  Give yourself a break and let yourself have one extra half hour….you will still get all the things done you need to!  If you can’t do it every morning, shoot for 3 days out of the week!

Fourth, plan a little fun for yourself.  post it notes slow down relax take it easyWhat did you enjoy doing when you were younger?  Art, playing outside, making mud pies, singing, dancing, shopping, going out to eat with a friend….then plan one of those activities each week.  Knowing you have something to look forward to may be just what you need when you’re all worn out with the kids activities.

Summer doesn’t have to be more work just because the kids are home.  You too can have a little R&R by taking advantage of the relaxed time that you now have.  If you build a few fun things into your schedule, you just might be able to get that tan you were hoping for.


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