A Day to Breathe


This is how I thought Sunday mornings would go: Ideally, I would wake up before the alarm goes off because of my eagerness to be in the Lord’s house. Before I even stepped into the shower, I would hear our loving children helping each other button buttons on already pressed shirts, Ah! Amazing! My husband/pastor decided as a gift to me he would get up early, start the coffee, and lay everyone’s Bible out on the couch. Everyone would stroll out the door with Bibles in hand, peace in their hearts, and love for each other.

I don’t know about you, but Sunday mornings in our home never looked that way! Inevitably, they are filled with late starts, spilled coffee, lost shoes, ripped tights, and lost Bibles. Frustration grows as time gets shorter, kids scramble faster, and we push each other out the door hoping to have everything we need and enough time to compose ourselves in the short 5 minute drive over to the church. Breathless, we try to compose ourselves and undo any evidence that may look like we just ran a marathon!

Sometimes I just wished I could have one day to be still, one day to breathe. It’s kind of hard to make Sunday mornings run smoothly and over time it did get better. Being intentional the day before by checking over outfits, lessons, and Bible locations helped a lot! Lowering my expectations also helped. Maybe it wasn’t necessary for us to always be to church 15 minutes before everyone else. Being reasonable with what we could actually accomplish made for smoother mornings.

But admittedly, there was always a thought in the back of my mind, “I wish I had a day to just breathe. I wish there was a time for me to really be still, to sit and meditate on God’s promises, His plans for my life, the direction He wants me to go in…just some quiet down time so I can hear Him.” Sometimes, though, life doesn’t afford us that luxury, now does it?

It is for this reason that Breathe Ministry feels that a one day, mini conference will be most refreshing! A Day to Breathe is designed to allow for that down time. Timely workshops, group discussions, an applicable message, life giving worship, fellowship over food, fun and creative craft projects and the very best part….built in quiet time! Yes, quiet time! Time for you to get alone, to think, to wrestle, to journal, to be still, to hear… Just like I needed to be intentional about Sunday mornings, we need to be intentional about building quiet time into our lives…moments to be still and know that He is God!! He desperately craves that time with us and we desperately need that time with Him. Ministry work can be draining and exciting all in the same day, but if we aren’t careful to carve out that quiet time, we won’t make it for the long haul!

Watch on our site for our upcoming “A Day to Breathe” which will take place in a remote setting in Southwest Ohio. We are making plans now for fall of 2015 for this intentional time to engage, encourage and equip you! Can’t wait to see you there!


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