Thankful for the Invisible

As I get older the things I am thankful for have changed. It use to be that I was thankful for a cushion in my bank account, a pantry full of food, a closet full of fashionable outfits — not that I’m not grateful for these things now. I just find that the older I get the more I’m thankful for the things you can’t see. This year I’m embracing the invisibles

I’m thankful for the noise. The noise of my family and all the chaos they bring when it’s time to sit around the table. The noise of the holiday music blaring in the background as we scramble to clean the house for guests. The noise of the door slamming as each person enters our home. The noise of dishes being thrown in the sink after a warm meal shared together. 

I’m thankful for the laughter. You can’t see it except for the tears streaming down faces after a good joke was told during the Thanksgiving meal. The laughter of my nephews as they run around the couch trying to get our three dogs to chase them. The giggle of my niece as her cute little feet are tickled. And the quiet chuckle grandpa gives as my husband rubs his balding head in front of everyone. 

I’m thankful for the mess. Piles of shoes by the door means everyone is eager to kick back and be comfortable. The heap of coats thrown on our bed and purses lined on the floor mean our guests are ready to be warmed by our fellowship. The mess of dripped gravy all over the new tablecloth reminds me of the hungry mouths and hearts that I hope were fed while in our home. 

These are just some of the invisibles…some of the things you cannot plan for when it comes to the holidays. They are not measurable, planned for, or cooked up. They are the evidence of blessings that remind us year after year of all that we have. 

So while I’m very grateful for my full closet, my well stocked pantry, and whatever money is in my bank account — the invisibles are what make my heart jump. I pray you are able to find some of your own invisibles this year to celebrate and enjoy! 

Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving!

Warmly, Dayna 

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