The Best stress buster!

A Good Friend

As summer approaches, maybe you have plans for a vacation, yard sale, camping, a church picnic or Vacation Bible School.  Often our lives and schedules don’t necessarily slow down in the summer, the busyness just changes shape.  One great way to relieve some stress is to plan time with a friend.

a good friendMy best friend lives 8 hours away.  While we call each other several times a week and send each other stupid pictures of what we’ll look like when we get old nothing compares to time together.  When I know she’s coming for a visit, nothing goes wrong that week!  I know I don’t have to clean the house, cook special meals, worry about my kids being on their best behavior…nope, I don’t have to do anything to get ready.  We throw our cares up in the air and are childishly excited to be with each other again.   She is the only one who can make me laugh hysterically…I mean, side splitting, tears running, stomach flexing, running-to-the-bathroom-before-I-have-an-accident kind of laughing (you know you’ve been there too!).


She is also the only one who can put up with me when I’m crabby.  And by crabby, I don’t mean the socially appropriate, overly gracious, slightly upset kind of crabby.  I mean the get-out-of-my-face-before-I-punch-you kind of crabby.  And when I’m hangry?  You know, when I’ve gone way too long to eat and now I am angry with everything and everyone, thus “hangry”…. she sees that train before it pulls into the station.

All throughout Scripture we see friendships that bring life, love, and loyalty.  When was the last time you reconnected with that close friend?  Have you made time to renew that friendship, to remember why and how that friend brings you life?  You may have to plan that trip, carve out connecting time, or schedule a Skype call.  It may take effort, but you will recoup it tenfold!


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