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The Concepts and Truth Within It.

Context, context, context!  Three very important words that were ingrained in my brain during my time at Baptist Bible College (now Clarks Summit University).  Oh, how important these words are.  They are the principle ingredient to having an effective, meaningful and theologically sound Bible study.  I have done many Bible studies over the years, both group and personal.  I have enjoyed doing Women Of Faith studies that are more topical. But I have also enjoyed Bible book studies that focus on just one book of the Bible and the concepts and truth within it.

Currently, I have felt the need to go basic.  

Right now as part of my quiet Bible study time, I am keeping it simple but still effective.  I am reading through the Bible in a two year plan. Each day I am writing down whatever I find each day that relates to God’s character; who He is and what He can do.  It has encouraged me tremendously to bring it to this level of reflection.  I am not using any kind of study book.  I just take out my notebook. Then read the passage for the day and write down each thing I notice about who God is.  Then I spend time in prayer acknowledging and thanking Him for those things He showed me.  

It’s okay to go basic ladies.  

Sometimes I think that we think we’re not actually studying the Bible if we are not using some sort of Bible study guide. But there are SO MANY different ways to study the Bible.  One thing that has to remain constant is that, whatever method, book or topical study that you are led and decide to do, it MUST BE theologically sound!

The more we spend time looking at who God is in His Word, the more we grow to love and depend on Him.  I challenge you to go basic and just pull out what I like to call “God sightings” within a passage that you are reading for the day.  You should find the concepts and truth within it. Then, at the end of the week or month, go back and see the things that God reminded you about of who He is in your life. It will be refreshing and uplifting.


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