The Heart of Hospitality

“What is true hospitality?” With the holiday’s approaching, I’m asking myself this more and more.

And what does hospitality look like in a socially distanced season?

I love how Ashley from defines hospitality. She says, “Biblical hospitality is a posture of the heart not about the perfection of the home.”

The heart of hospitality lies in serving, focusing, and loving others. In other words, hospitality creates a warm and inviting space for others to step out of their daily grind to (hopefully) encounter a bit of heaven.

Therefore, reminding ourselves that hospitality is for the guest helps us to keep focus when things get challenging.

Keeping these 5 things in mind will help.

  1. The heart of hospitality lies in God’s love acting itself out in tangible ways.
  2. We can show hospitality in any interaction we have with others — it’s about making someone feel welcome. You don’t need a home to do that!
  3. True hospitality has the other person in mind. It’s not about enhancing or perfecting what you have, but about enhancing and perfecting what time you have to give.
  4. True hospitality focuses on the simple. The simple moment, the simple offering, the simple meal.
  5. If you find yourself worked up or stressed out to create a perfect atmosphere to entertain, your focus in not hospitality. Entertaining company and showing hospitality are not the same thing!

In conclusion, as Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, we’ll talk more about Biblical hospitality. Additionally, we’ll share some ideas to make things easier, more enjoyable, and less stressful for you this holiday season!


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