The One Who Decided our Purpose

The One Who Decided Our Purpose

Many years ago, I quoted this verse in my high school graduation speech. Proverbs 19:21 says Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. I referenced the plans we had as graduates, recognizing that ultimately God would be the one Who decided our purpose.

Fast-forward almost 20 years and there have been many times when MY plans were rearranged by God’s purposes.  And how thankful I am for that!  I am a planner by nature, and that’s okay.  I have learned, however, to hold on to those plans much more lightly.  While I may not always understand God’s purposes, I know they are always better.

Dealing with Mixed Emotions

Two and a half years ago, we moved our family from the only real “home” our kids knew. This new house was 11 hours south of where we had lived for the past ten years.  The circumstances leading up to the move were difficult. But God confirmed to us in so many ways that it was time to leave our “comfort zone”. It was time to step out in faith to a new place of ministry.  I remember dealing with a lot of mixed emotions during those first few months in our new home.  But I was feeling relief at having left some difficult situations behind. I was impatience as I tried to figure out where I now fit in our new ministry. Lastly I felt worry about how my kids were transitioning. But I felt thankful as I began to heal from some burnout and hurt. 

Starting Over

It was truly a “starting over” in so many ways.  The personal ministry I had known and loved and felt fulfilled in was gone.  My husband thrived in his new ministry. I constantly heard how grateful people were that God had brought him here.  I, however, struggled with feeling unproductive and missed the sense of fulfillment I had at my previous ministry.  This verse once again became a reminder to me that God’s purpose would prevail.  We had stepped out in faith to begin this new ministry. But while I could not see clearly how it would all play out, I was (and still am) convinced that God had directed us here. He would fulfill His purpose in and through us. 

Walk by Faith

The last two years have been full of different experiences and emotions. I still struggle at times to find my “niche”.  Yet I have also seen clearly how God has changed me, worked in the hearts of my children, used my husband to impact lives, and given me ministry opportunities I never would have imagined.  As we continue to walk by faith, may this verse always be a reminder and encouragement to us. May we keep our eyes on the One who decided our purpose and whose purpose WILL prevail.


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