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The Struggle is Real

I’d like to think I have a God-given gift of blessing that pours out on all those I come in contact with — the gift of being a peacemaker! 

At least that’s the spin I put on it. In hindsight, that’s not actually true. 

See, I don’t enjoy conflict, unhappy people, complaints, criticism, loose ends, or knowing I have to disappoint someone. I will work overtime, sacrificing my sanity, just to keep my world and the people in it, peaceful. I’ve told myself “I am a peacemaker”. 

It’s taken a long time before I learned that I was not actually a peacemaker, rather I was struggling with boundaries. 

Why are boundaries so hard to put in place? Why is the struggle so real? Don’t they just have a negative feel to them? Why is it such a struggle to set boundaries with those we love? 

Here are 4 reasons boundaries can be difficult for you and me: 

1. We’ve never had positive boundaries modeled for us.

2. Our strong desire to please others gets in the way.

3. Our boundaries were abused as a child and we wrestle to know what “healthy” actually looks like.

4. We just don’t know how to instill them. 

Each one of these reasons leaves us struggling to set healthy boundaries. We wonder what good boundaries look like, how to convey them to others, and even harder, how to hold to them when things get uncomfortable. 

But God always intends to use the path to better boundaries as a channel to dive deeper with HIm. See, God wants to be the one to help you figure out what your personal boundaries need to be and how to make them safe guards in your life. 

He marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.” 

Acts 17:24-28 shares that God set the boundaries of all the nations that should inhabit the earth. He marked their appointed times in history and set the boundaries for their lands. Now listen to this this….verse 27 reads, “God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him, and find him, though He is not far from anyone of us”. Did you catch it? 

God sets boundaries (and wants us to also) so that we would seek Him, reach out to Him, and find Him. So when the struggle is real and you are on the journey of trying to be healthy in this area — DON’T STRESS!! God made this journey like it is so we would connect with Him! 

As you pray about your struggle, asking God to bring to light why it is so hard, you are fulfilling the actual reason for the struggle — to seek, reach out, and find Him! 

He is there with you! He is going to work this out with you! 


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