The value of being connected!

My insides still feel anxious just thinking back to that time…it was my husband’s first ministry, we moved to a new area where I knew no one, I was getting ready to have my first baby, my family lived hours away, and I no longer saw my husband because the church required so much of his time.  I was sad, lonely, confused, and feeling fat! So, I did what we’ve probably all done in those times…pretended I was fine.

Hi, my name is Dayna Garver and I am the founder of Breathe Ministry, a ministry designed to breathe new life into the heart of women in ministry leadership!  I can look back on those times and remember wishing for someone to help me figure out how to juggle the roles of pastor’s wife, mom, ministry leader, Bible study teacher, etc.  I searched the internet for conferences, retreats, books, magazines, articles written for pastor’s wives or women in ministry, but usually found very little.

My biggest need was to have a safe place to grow from what I saw as my “messed up” life to God “blessed up” life. Don’t we all need a grace filled environment to grow from our current “messy” to God’s best?  Unfortunately, sometimes ministry life doesn’t always offer us that luxury.

How can we move from feeling “messed up” to “blessed up”?  I think the key is getting connected and finding like-minded women in ministry. Hey, we’re all a mess, there’s no denying it!  But God, well, God loves our messiness and our yielded, tender heart that goes along with it.

If I can encourage you in anyway it would be this:  Keep searching for a way to connect with another girl in ministry—and KNOW that God will provide!  On Facebook, I am part of a private group for just pastor’s wives…where we share our deepest heart problems and successes.  It’s safe, it’s accessible from home, and hearing their mess reminds me that I’m not alone.  See if you can find another ministry leader in your area…go for coffee, become friends online, meet up and attend a local conference together…keep trying!

God never intended for us to walk this part of our journey here on earth alone.  He is the ultimate relational friend we can ever know!  Praise Him today for knowing we needed a sister who gets it…I promise, He’s got one in mind for you.  You are not alone!

Stay connected!


If you’re in the Cincinnati/Dayton Ohio area, consider joining us for our fall conference “A Day to Breathe” or a quarterly Night of Worship.  For more information go to or check us out on Facebook at /WomensBreatheMinistry.

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