In our Women’s Ministry at church, we take a break from regular Bible study in the summer since there are so many people on vacation and instead, meet once a month to discuss a book that we’ve chosen to read together.  This year’s book is Restless by Jennie Allen.  One of the things that she talks about in the first part is how sometimes we feel like we’re being strangled by life’s circumstances.  Forgive the length of the quote but the comparison to Batman is such a cool one for me, especially considering I have two young boys who are totally into super heroes.

“A young Bruce Wayne watches as his parents are shot and killed, and he spends the next decade of his life seeking revenge, wandering the world as a restless, unsatisfied, lost soul and committing crimes…with no drive other than pain.  Somewhere in the chaos of Batman’s search, the threads of his life begin to untangle and weave themselves into something new.  [They] bind together and equip him to meet the great need.  The need finds him.  Ironically, his purpose is woven together with the very threads that seemed to entangle him”.

Sometimes it seems like the threads of our lives are blowing so haphazardly that they have no purpose whatsoever except to trip us up and make us feel stuck.  Sometimes it takes a while for us to feel like we see a purpose for the mess of those strings.  One of the things that I enjoy doing in my spare time is crocheting.  I’ve made many a baby blanket and when the project is finished, it’s beautiful, each stitch exactly where it belongs.  However, I’ve found myself in the middle of a project with a skein of yarn that doesn’t unwind as it should and causes quite a mess of snags and knots.  When that happens, it’s hard to focus on the end product.  It’s hard to remember that each of those strings has a purpose and a specific place to go when at that specific moment, they are nothing more than a headache, an obstacle that I need to overcome in order to get to the finish line.

It makes sense for life too, doesn’t it?  Sometimes we get our threads in a tangle and can’t find the purpose that is inevitably there.  Maybe it’s through own sin that we’re in a bind or maybe it’s simply the “hand we’re dealt” but regardless, every situation is redeemable.  Every situation, no matter how big a mess it seems, can be used for the glory of God and the finished product can be a beautiful tapestry, each string woven in exactly where it’s meant to be.

Are you feeling strangled right now by the threads in your life?  Are you having trouble figuring out where these strings fit into the big picture?  Remember Batman.  “His purpose is woven together with the very threads that seemed to entangle him”.


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