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Time for Resurfacing after the Holidays

Well presents are opened, wrapping paper is thrown away, leftovers are gone and there’s a few candies left from our stockings. Now what? You have all the stuff you had before Christmas plus all the stuff you got for Christmas and the same storage. It is time for resurfacing after the Holidays. Ready…..Set….Go!


Sort all the gifts and find their new homes. That may mean decluttering some spots in the  kids closets, removing unused items, or pitching old and worn out clothes — but now is the  time to make sure all the gifts find their new home. 


Purge all the goodies. Consider making one snack/treat basket for the upper cabinet,  and getting rid of the rest. Freezing left over cookies and cakes will make for a nice winter treat. Making little treat baggies for the kids’ friends will also make play dates fun in the future.  All other treats, pitch.  


Make some time for your decor reboot. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to  put back the Christmas stuff you LOVE, donate the old or “seen-it’s-last-day” types of holiday  decor. As you pack it up and start to unpack your “regular” home decor, also go through it  with the same eye to purge or donate. Only bring out the things you love. Leave some shelves  empty to spruce up with a winter DIY. 


Take inventory of any leftovers and figure out how you’re going to use them. Will you freeze leftover ham? Maybe make soup and store it till later in the winter. Be sure to use them  up within 4 days of their first appearance!  


Grab a cup of tea, a blanket, and chill out! The holidays create so many events and tasks  that need doing. Now that the rush is over, give yourself the gift of peace and quiet. Take an  afternoon to just be home alone, allowing the rest you need to tell God how wonderful the  season was!

In conclusion, we see a way to go into the New Year feeling peace, calmness and feeling ready for the New Year. If you have not  yet done this, take the time for resurfacing after the Holidays.


Coming this New year, we have some exciting changes that we hope will help you as you minister to others in your church and community. Have a safe and Happy New Year. www. breathministry.com

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