“Time to go over the budget.”

“Time to go over the budget.” In the past those words, uttered by my husband, caused eye rolling and sighs. However, since we’ve stuck to a budget and been on the same page with our finances, our life as a couple and a family has been much easier.

A few years ago we faced some minor credit card debt and constantly came up short at the end of the month. After hearing several broadcasts on the radio, my husband suggested we look into the Dave Ramsey method. It has been a life changer.

Working in pro-life ministry and living on a lower income farm is not always easy, but there is one thing I’ve learned about God and finances…he ALWAYS provides. We are firm believers in tithing and have seen first hand how trusting God with your treasures can lead to multitudes of blessings. Our family has grown accustomed to doing without luxuries such as satellite tv and internet and instead we spend time watching quality family DVD’s or adventuring outdoors. We are purposeful about where our money is spent and that allows it to mean more.

Yes, sometimes it is hard when we have to tell friends that we can not accompany them on an outing, or when I have to tell my son we can’t afford a “play day,” but living on a budget forces you to appreciate the little things in life. When we are given gifts or extra funds we appreciate the value of the dollars and enjoy the freedom of having a little extra.

Ministry employment may not always come with a high paycheck, but the non-material rewards it brings are much greater and worth more than any dollar amount. I firmly believe that as ministry workers, we are storing our treasures in Heaven and will one day receive the greatest payday.

  Matthew 6:21 Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.


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