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‘Tis the Season

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you. I do not give to you as

the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be

afraid. – John 14:27, NIV

‘Tis the season… to sing glory to God… to sing peace to men… of black

Fridays, traffic, crowds, overspending, events to attend and/or

participate, fuller calendar, less sleep, less patience, and less

peace. Oh yeah, since that is the norm for most of us anyway, let’s

deviate from that and make it a season to move, and have a staff

shortage, so overtime is now the new norm. Chaos anyone? At least,

that is how the season started out for me. And while the chaos of the

holiday season is a reality that we’ve come to expect, moving in the

middle of it with the addition of a crazy work schedule was not

expected. Feeling unsettled and overwhelmed would be an


        In John 14:27, the disciples were actually a bit discouraged and

Jesus was reminding them of peace that only He can give. They did not

expect what was to come, being Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion. Any hope

of peace in Jesus’ words of John 14:27 was lost in the reality,

madness, and chaos of the circumstances they now found themselves in.

They were sad and depressed, unsure of what the future held. But

looking back to Jesus’ words in John 14:27, we see the comfort,

strength, and hope He gives.

        Peace from the world is short-lived, temporary, empty, and

unfulfilling. The peace of Christ enables us to not only survive, but

actually emerge stronger and empowered. It transforms us. It sustains

and grows our faith. How do we find this peace amidst the chaos? I

found it in my quiet time, spent alone with Him, giving Him

opportunity to fill me, direct me, and strengthen me every day. You

see in the midst of filling every spare moment with accomplishing the

seemingly monumental task before me, it was very tempting to put that

quiet time aside. But it’s by that time with Him that I was able to

accomplish what needed to be done.

        What took place in my quiet time to help me feel His peace? I prayed.

I prayed for peace. I prayed for rest in Him. I listened to His

direction and let Him guide my choices. I needed discernment to pursue

things of peace and help to choose realistic goals. I let God take

control, trusting that He could do what only He can. I thanked Him for

renewing my mind, quieting my soul, and calming my weary heart.

True peace was never meant to come from the world. But we are still in

the chaos of it. Peace is not the absence of chaos, but it is God in

the midst of it. Remember to turn to Him and seek and receive the

peace He longs for you to know.

~ Lisa

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