Top 10 Things I have discovered about being a pastor’s wife – Part 1

 Top ten part 1

1.  Be yourself. We all have times in our lives when we try to “impress” others by not being ourselves around them. As a pastor’s wife, I have learned that when I am truly being myself, others feel more comfortable around me. They find a sense of comfort knowing that I am human and have struggles of my own, too.

2. It’s automatically assumed that you know how to play the piano. I find this one rather humorous. I remember an older pastor wife friend of mine telling me this. She told me about a time when a church member was showing her their new church sanctuary. During the tour, the woman pointed at a pew and said, “This is where you sit when you are the piano player for the service.” My friend recalled the look of disappointment/surprise upon the woman’s face when she told her that she actually did not play piano.

3.  Babies bring joy to congregations. My husband and I became parents for the first time nine months ago. Before our son was born, a man from my church referred to him as “the church’s baby.” As first, I was offended and thought to myself, “I don’t see you carrying this kid around for nine months…He belongs to us!” (I’m going to blame my pregnancy hormones!!). Later though, I realized that this man was just so excited to have a new, young life joining our congregation. There was no reason to be offended after all.

4.  It can be lonely. Every Christian will experience spiritual battles/struggles of some type, but when you are a pastor’s wife, it can be difficult to find someone (other than your husband) you can talk to about those battles/struggles. As a result, it can feel lonely at times.

5.  You must learn to “share” your husband with the church. When my husband went from a part-time to a full-time pastor position, it was a real adjustment for me. I was used to him being home more frequently. Now, he has meetings, social church gatherings, etc. to attend on top of his weekly hospital visits, sermon writing, etc. We are getting better about communicating our schedules and taking time to spend as a family, but it continues to be a learning process.



Stay tuned as Grace finishes her TOP TEN list on November 14th!

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