Top 10 ways having a mentor will change your life part 2

Top 10 Ways Having a Mentor Will Change Your Life #2

Welcome back to another week of my “Top 10 Ways Having a Mentor Will Change Your Life!” This week we are looking at 2 more ways a mentor can change your “ministry life” perspective

#3 A mentor can strengthen your marriage. 

Wait what?!?! Yes! Having a mentor in place can actually strengthen your relationship between you and your hubby! When you have a steady connection with a mentor who can listen without interrupting, hear what your heart is saying even when your words don’t match, and gently share insight and wisdom at the right moment, you will feel relief! 

Ministry life demands a lot. In other words, you juggle wife, mom, and ministry wife. Schedules and car rides fall on you. Making sure the house is presentable and your kids are fed are a must. Your hubby runs from one ministry meeting to the next and finds himself squeezing sermon prep into the wee hours of the night. So the two of you are ships passing in the night and you’re doing all you can to stay afloat. You find yourself wishing for a quiet night to just reconnect. 

Here’s what I’ve learned…when life is busy, overwhelming, or stressful, having someone other than my hubby to “decompress” with actually enhances the time we do have together. 

By sharing my situation with a mentor and processing through it with her, I am able to be calmer and less “stressed” with my hubby — increasing the positive time that we get together. It’s a win-win! 

#4 A mentor can strengthen your decision making skills: 

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Did you know the average adult makes approximately 35,000 conscious decisions a day?!? Our minds are constantly sifting through information at a rapid rate! It’s an amazing machine! We feel exhausted each day. 

Sometimes it’s hard to sift through all that’s going on and we wonder if our decisions are solid ones. This is where a mentor can be helpful. For example, a mentor can help sort through situations with you and together come up with good options. You will feel confident that you have made a positive decision and have support to execute it. In conclusion, having someone in your corner is all you need to move forward! 

I hope you are starting to see how a mentor in your life can really make a difference. Life lived independently is not what God intended …just the opposite! 

We were created to connect. Who will you reach out to this week to start that relationship? 

Hope you enjoyed #3 and #4  of Top 10 Ways Having a Mentor Will Change Your Life.

~ Dayna

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