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Top 10 Ways having a Mentor will Change your Life! Pt. 3

If you’re ready, let’s dig into two more ways from our Top 10 ways having a mentor will change your life! 

#5 Having a mentor will strengthen your schedule

Just last week I was working with a mentee that is a missionary on the field. As I talked through all the pressing ministry needs with her, we wrestled with how she could prioritize all them. Finding ways to juggle her family and her own personal needs were important also. We talked through what a typical day currently looked like. I then asked her to track her next week on paper. She was to track from what time she got up, what she did that day, and when it ended. Next week, we will go through what her ideal week would look like. We will talk about if she could actually fit in all the ministry needs she is facing. 

A mentor can help you be creative when it comes to your schedule. I made a few suggestions to my mentee about places in her schedule I thought she could “multi-task”. She agreed that it might work and committed to trying it this week. Sometimes streamlining your schedule with someone outside your situation can help you find time you didn’t know you had! 

#6 Having a mentor will strengthen your relationships. 

One of the biggest “trade offs” of being a woman in ministry leadership is that we often find yourself wishing to have close, authentic relationships with other women. Ministry situations and dynamics can sometimes make this difficult. When you have the chance to meet with a mentor regularly, you find yourself enjoying the safe relationship that the two of you have. The urgency to “process” with someone when difficult situations arise is both understood and empathized with by the mentor. She can listen and encourage, share Scripture, and pray with you during those times. This releases your need to find someone to hear your heart when things are tough, because you already check in regularly with someone who has your heart’s best interest in mind.

With a mentor in your life, you can release your expectations that someone within your ministry is going to be able to fill that role for you. Having the safeguard of a mentor will allow you to approach other relationships with grace, forgiveness (for what they cannot provide for you as a friend) and freedom!

I am loving this month’s theme — I hope, by now, you have thought twice about finding someone outside your current ministry situation to pour into you! Next week we will visit more ways from our Top 10 ways having a mentor will change your life!

Blessings to you this week!


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