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Top 10 Ways Having a Mentor Will Change Your Life!

We often see other women at church greeting each other excitedly, making plans to have coffee together, scheduling play dates, or exchanging Instagram accounts.  

And yet, we find ourselves feeling left out.  
We feel invisible.  We’re always the one reaching out to others, but who’s reaching out to us?

We’ve shared a bit about our new Admonish Mentor ProgramDid you know having a mentor can finally put an end to feeling lonely in ministry?

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share with you 10 Reasons why having a mentor will change the way you look at life.  Being intentionally poured into by a woman who cares specifically for you is a game changer!  

So if you’re ready to change the way you see “ministry life”, tag along for my Top 10 Ways Having a Mentor Will Change Your Life!!

#1.  Having a Mentor will strengthen your Spiritual Walk!  

Let’s just be real….you’re constantly pouring into and investing in others Spiritually.  You spend hours prepping for ladies’ Bible Study, mentally compiling your worship song list for Sunday’s worship service, and brainstorming about ways to creatively teach those 5 year olds in Sunday School.  But who is doing that same prep work for your Spiritual growth? A mentor! That’s who!  

A good mentor will see her primary focus as encouraging you Spiritually.   She should listen, pray with, and strategize with you about your life’s situations and share her Spiritual insight.  If there is trust, she can Spiritually challenge you in areas that may need growth, and lovingly support you through the process of change.   She will be a Godly cheerleader rooting you on to a deeper walk with Christ!

#2.  Having a Mentor will Boost your Confidence!  

How many times do you feel unqualified for ministry?  Do you find yourself thinking, “I don’t know what I’m doing” often?  We all feel it at some time or another.  

A Mentor will listen to you and be a sounding board. They will process through those tough ministry situations and will help you grow in your knowledge and ministry experience.  Therefore, she can provide the safe environment you need to help think through different scenarios and offer great solutions! You will feel confident in your decisions because you’ve had someone walk through them with you.  

Join me next week as I share more of my  Top 10 Ways Having a Mentor Will Change Your Life!

I am praying for you this week!  

Keep pressing on,

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