Top 10 Things I have discovered about being a pastor’s wife – Part 2

Top ten part 2

On October 29th, Grace wrote to us about her first five discoveries about being a pastor’s wife.  Today she continues with the remaining 5 and some concluding thoughts…


6.  Remember, some church members love to gossip. I remember sitting in our church nursery with a few ladies when one started to talk about our church’s previous pastor’s wife. As I listened, I grew more and more uncomfortable with what was being said. I left the room and thought to myself, “I had better be mindful of what I say if I don’t want others to know.”

7.  You can’t take everything personally. As we neared the end of our time at our last church, there were a few things said about my husband that I took very personally. There will be times in which some people may disagree with your husband’s sermons, way of handling a sensitive situation, etc. You can NOT take that personally because it will only cause anger to build up in your heart. You must teach yourself to let comments “roll off your back” because there is no way to please everyone.

8.  God knows what’s best. I may be stating the obvious here, but I have to remind myself this occasionally. God has placed each of us exactly where we are for a reason. Sometimes it’s not always an ideal situation or placement, but He always has His hand upon the situation. He will lead and guide you through everything you encounter along the way.

9.  It’s alright to say “no.” I remember a few times when I was asked to serve on a church committee that I really did not feel called to be a part of. However, I was worried about hurting someone’s feelings if the pastor’s wife said “no.” As a result, each time they called a meeting I needed to attend, I felt a lot of stress. This is still hard for me to do, but I am realizing that it is alright if I say “no” to some invitations.

10.  Ministering beside your husband is fun and exciting. Despite all of the difficulties my husband and I have had to face along the way, ministering with him is fun and exciting! I love how the Lord chose us to be husband and wife and uses us both (even though my husband is the one with the official title of pastor) to further His kingdom.

Whether you are a newlywed or have many years of experience in ministry with your husband, there is potential for you to learn something new about ministry every day. Think about what you have learned about being in the ministry (or think about what you want to learn more about). I encourage you to create your own “Top 10” list.


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