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Traditions are for All Ages of People.

Traditions are for all ages of people. Sometimes we think of traditions only in the lives of those who have lived through a few decades. But as we see in today’s stores, traditions can be practiced by even the youngest of people. 


For Christmas, one of our favorite family traditions is baking cookies and giving them to our neighbors.  This is a tradition carried over from my own growing up years.  When we lived in Santiago, the neighbors came to expect their place of Christmas cookies the week of Christmas.  It was always so fun to hand them out, and hear them tell us how they look forward to them every year.

When we first moved down south, we were in a neighborhood that was spread out and had very little interaction.  So we chose to give out the plates of cookies to some families we had met.  This year, we are in a new neighborhood and the kids are already planning which cookies we will bake, how we will arrange them, and what card we will attach to the plates.  Baking, encouraging others, sharing the true meaning of Christmas, and making memories as a family…. what more could you ask for?  🙂


We celebrate Christmas Eve. It’s PJs, and appetizers – LOTS of appetizers. We watch White Christmas and then Die Hard.

Forgot to add: we open presents between White Christmas and Die Hard.


Growing up, we had a tradition of going to the Christmas Eve service and then opening a present.

We have the same tradition at our house, but our present is a box of Christmas pajamas, popcorn, hot cocoa and a Christmas movie to watch together as a family.


A few of our fav things to do around Christmas time as a family: Coney Island drive thru Christmas light show (the kids wear Christmas pjs and we bring hot chocolate, coffee and cookies along for the drive!); we love going to the Festival of Lights at the zoo with family and/or friends; Creation Museum lights and live nativity scene; driving around and looking at lights with the kids (we have printed off a scavenger hunt for the kids to keep them more engaged); Christmas Eve service as a fam then dinner with friends; Christmas pjs as a gift for the kids to open on Christmas Eve to wear for Christmas morning; decorate Christmas cookies as a family

Traditions can bring people together and give us something to look forward to. It can make us feel closer to those we practice them with and make us feel loved. Whether you be grandparents, parents, Aunts, uncles, best friends or just a kid, traditions are for all ages of people

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