Traditions from Kentucky

Traditions From Kentucky From a Friend

Traditions are so fun to follow each year. But it can be more fun to start new ones. Here are some traditions from Kentucky from a friend in ministry.

1. We decorate 3 trees.

-Memory tree: containing ornaments our children made and ornaments given to our family 

-Silver and gold tree

-Disney tree: contains ornaments we bought while vacationing at Disney World/Land.

2. On Christmas Eve.

We go to the Christmas Eve service at our Church. Afterwards our immediate family goes to a nice restaurant for dinner (not this year). Then we go home and read the Christmas story together. Afterwards we exchange gifts.

3. When our kids were young.

We always gave them 3 gifts on Christmas Eve symbolizing the 3 gives given to baby Jesus by the Three Wiseman. One gift was always a keepsake ornament. Another was a keepsake book and the third item varied year to year. They always woke up to surprises under the tree on Christmas morning.

4. We watch home videos of past Christmases.

5. We give to others.

We buy gifts for the “Hope” giving tree that is sponsored by Hope Ministry at our Church.

6. When the kids are older.

Now that our kids are grown, we have started going to see a movie on Christmas Day and/or New Years Day depending on if we’re in town.

7. A new tradition

We want to start this year is going to the Ark every year to see the Christmas lights. 

8. We make Wassail (hot drink).

9. Virginia Candy

I order candy every year  from a lady who lives in my hometown in Virginia. She makes the best fudge and peanut butter balls! We usually take a tray of candy to any Christmas gathering we attend. Sometimes we give trays as gifts.


Traditions can be fun but they also can be enslaving. Do you have a hard time saying no to traditions you feel uncomfortable with or do you feel like to please everyone you must agree to those same traditions? Our mentors are available to all women who need someone to help them set healthy boundaries and make new healthy traditions.

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