Want to Skype?


Want to Skype 1.26.15Just this last week I was able to connect with a new pastor’s wife through video chat. Technology really is amazing when it works the way it’s supposed to. I made a connection with this new friend first by leaving a message on her machine, than she responded in an email, until finally we met virtually. Our hour long “chat” was filled with encouragement, laughter, advice, and empathy for our various ministry situations. I was able to share from my heart my excitement over what God is doing with Breathe and she was able to listen and respond with matched excitement. The whole experience left me so filled and so thankful!

One thread that seemed to weave its way through our conversation is how ministry, for us as women, IS truly lonely at times. We shared times when it seemed we were surrounded by people in the lobby, only to feel like no one sees or knows the REAL us. How ironic it is that ministering to the very heart of God’s people can still leave us feeling isolated. My friend shared how she went from a church with a staff large enough to provide those close relationships to moving to a new area and longing for someone to share her journey with.

We all have an inner need to connect deeply with other women in a way that leaves us feeling filled.

God designed us this way. Having a listening ear, a knowing glance, carefully chosen words, timely encouragement, and a shared point of view is all part of the “connecting” that fills us up!

Being in full time ministry usually leaves this vital gap in our hearts unfed. We are careful to not form relationships with others that would appear to be “exclusive” or “partial”.  We desperately want all female relationships to feel validated and affirmed so that no one can ever say we were closer to one than another. It’s tricky to navigate and often draining to maintain. It puts us in the very situation that makes us want to cry out for one….JUST ONE….friend that we can be ourselves with. A friend that we don’t have to watch our words with, a friend that lets us tell the ugly details to, and still points out the beauty in our situation.

Breathe Ministry gets it….let me stress this, we know the need and want to help.  Need a listening ear, shoot us a message and we’ll video chat! Loneliness is draining, it wears us down, it confuses our dear husbands, and it leaves us feeling like a warped version of our true self.

Don’t waste time…if you want to connect and there is no one “safe” for you to be real with…send us a message today and we will do our very best to bridge the virtual gap and send you a hug! Go to our “Contact Us” page and send us an email. We can’t wait to meet you!!


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