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We are so excited for you to find out about Breathe Ministry. Here’s a quick snap shot of our vision…

Breathe Ministry is designed to encourage the pastor/missionary wife, first, but also those of you who have “married into” other forms of full time ministry.

Our purpose is simply this:

To “Breathe New Life into the Heart of a Ministry Wife” by…

  1. Engaging in Togetherness: One of our core goals at Breathe is to find practical ways for you to connect with other women in full time ministry. Mostly an online community, Breathe Ministry wants you to hear from others and be heard by others. We want you to hear similar situations, common challenges, and paralleled problems in our blog posts. God is in the midst of it all and we want you to hear about it. Once a year, in the fall, there will be a one day, mini conference called “A Day to Breathe”. In a few short hours you will experience a time of worship, a devotional thought for your heart, and an avenue to have quiet time with the Lord. Please see “A Day to Breathe” for more information. Encouragement is vital and a friend is priceless! Engaging with others who understand ministry life is the key to unlocking the door of loneliness.
  2. Encouraging in Christlikeness: Our children were often told, “Ministry is who we are, not what we do.” Sometimes though, in the middle of all the doing, we forget the reason why we are doing it. Challenging your heart to grow in Christlikeness is another core purpose for us at Breathe, and we want to help you along the way!
  3. Equipping for Service: Being creative in ministry and living out the “how to” can get a little dry after a while. Our primary goal in equipping you for service is to help generate fresh ideas, stir within you a desire to keep things exciting, and help provide practical ways to do it!

Each of these core goals at Breathe Ministry is intended to not only breathe new life into your heart, but also your family, your marriage, your relationships, and your ministry. We strongly believe that if your heart, as a ministry wife, is being fed and filled, then it will trickle over to other areas, adding life and longevity to your current and future ministry.

We encourage you to take a deep breath, ask God, “How can Breathe Ministry help me?”, check back often, leave a comment or two, or dive into a full conversation thread. Maybe you would even consider sharing your heart, your struggles, and your lessons with others by being a guest writer for our blog. See “Share your Story” for more details. Start praying now for how God is going to intertwine our hearts for His glory!

If you are a pastor/missionary wife and need more, think about signing up to become a member which allows access to a secure, safe, and anonymous “member’s only” section.

Many hours have been spent praying and thinking about you! So, breathe easy, grab a cup of tea, poke around on the site, and check back often. We can’t wait to get to know you!


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  1. Thank you for your ministry. I feel like I could have written the first 2 blog posts myself! Appreciate your time & effort to provide and place for ministry wives.

    1. Post


      We hope you will consider sharing from your ministry and experiences….if you’re ever interested in guest posting, feel free to click the link under BLOG to Share Your Story. We would love to hear from you!

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