We’re in this Together: Playing Together


This last October our family moved to a new house that had a pool.  Having grown up with a pool in the backyard, I was excited for all the memories that our family would make around it.  Pool parties, a place for youth group events, end of the school year celebrations, and a place to hang and relax in the lazy summer sun…that’s what I envisioned.

The pool in the backyard would also provide a place for my kids to be entertained for a few hours each day while I used that time to get stuff done.  Win-win.

The funny thing is that every time before my kids head out to swim, they always ask, “Mom, are you going to swim with us today?”   Uhhh, there goes my two hours to get things done.

Sadly, usually I respond with a “Um, maybe in a bit.”  I pass up play time so I can get in some work time.  I’m pitiful.

Here’s the thing….work will always be there…my kids, well, they won’t.

I forget this simple truth.

It’s so important that we carve out time to play with our kids and husband.  Now I don’t mean we should play with them ALL the time, after all things need to get done.

I tend to think that most of our time is spent getting our children occupied so we can multitask and get things done.  Our husband, too, needs us to have fun, be playful, be available to do relaxing things together.  Playing together creates a type of glue that bonds a family together.

Life can’t be all work and no play.  I had a teacher say,

“When we work, we work hard.  But when we play, we play hard!”

I’m sure you have the “work hard” down pat like I do.  This week, let’s be intentional about “playing hard”.  How can you play this week with your kids or husband?  What fun things would be the glue that bonds your family together?


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