What Dreams we are working towards Breathe Ministry

What Dreams We are Working Towards

Summer ministry for me is about being with family and friends. It is about rejuvenating the soul. It presents opportunities to share what God has been doing all year and what dreams we are working towards.  

When we lived overseas, every summer was a tightly scheduled chaos of flights, children, family, packing, unpacking, friends, shopping for an entire year, being in a different bed every few days, vacation, food, laughter, goodbyes, sharing, gifts… it was so much.  It was constant, it was exhausting, and it was so needed.  Though my location changed in the summer, ministry didn’t entirely stop.  

In fact, it was exactly because of this summer season that my ministry could continue. 

A few reasons were: 
  1. the need to recharge, 
  2. the need to be with family and friends,
  3. the need to share and process,
  4. the need to get perspective, 
  5. the need to involve others in the ministry.  

However exhausting and chaotic that time was in the summers, I am so grateful for it.

Summers are a good time to get a complete change of scenery.  In other words, to change locations, change the sphere of influence we are in year round and breath.  Also to consider what we have learned, and what we really want, and where God is moving.  

These summers created perspective for the rest of the year.  It was an essential practice of ministry, to recharge, share and process the year, think about the future, and soak it all up. 

I also know for some of us summers aren’t a break from ministry, but we don’t always have to stop ministry in order to get a break!  We just need to change locations, change the faces we are in front of, and share with someone disconnecting from our ministry circles. 

That could 

  • be going camping close by, 
  • it could be driving to visit a friend or family member, 
  • it could be going to a park you’ve never visited, or 
  • trying a new sport and meeting a new friend. 

Therefore, just seeing life from a different place even for small amounts of time can transform our ministry.  

Let’s embrace the chaos that changes of scenery bring, the unknown and unsettling and be curious how it will change the way we view what God is saying and where He is moving in our ministries and in what dreams we are working towards!


Psalm 32:8 “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.”

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