When you don’t feel qualified to lead

Don't Feel Qualified to Lead 7.13

Several years ago when we were in youth ministry, we planned a huge winter camp weekend. We were going all out. We planned engaging devotions, created notebooks and programs, designed custom t-shirts, created the menu, kept a tight budget, and more. We devised crazy games like “Double Dare” with gross tasks teams needed to complete.   We were in over our head, but we were having fun!

It wasn’t until the second night, our gross game night, as we were pulling it all together that I remember thinking, “What are we doing? There is no way we’re qualified to lead this many teens for a whole weekend! Doing crazy games is one thing, but to be responsible for growing them spiritually? No way!”

There are times throughout our ministries that we just don’t feel qualified. We come up against a task, a relationship, a goal and we think, “There’s just no way!” Maybe you’ve found yourself in a ministry that is totally outside your league. Or you’re in a position that you just didn’t ask for. Or possibly you find yourself in a role that comes with expectations that are just beyond your desire to meet.

You are not alone! You are not alone in feeling underqualified for your role and the job that God has asked of you. In Exodus 4:1 we see Moses wrestling with this same thing. He pleads his case of being underqualified by saying to God, “But suppose they don’t listen to my voice.” Moses expresses concern that the people will challenge His calling to lead. He continues by bringing up his shortcomings (which to him were valid) of not being a good speaker.

Throughout chapter 4, God reminds Moses He created the very tools He was asking Moses to use. He created man’s mouth, man’s ears, and man’s eyes. In verse 15, we see God promise to be with Moses’ mouth and to teach him what he should do.

And there you have it…God teaches us what we should do as we go. Did God lay it all out for Moses to know before he went to Pharaoh? No, Moses had to walk faithfully each step to be in synch with the Father. Did Moses stop feeling insecure? The Bible doesn’t really say. But we do see that Moses successfully accomplished the task of leading the Israelites out of Egypt. That means that God was successful in equipping Moses with the tools he needed to lead well.

You and I will find ourselves in ministry positions that we just don’t feel qualified to be in. We may feel in-over-our-head, but we must walk in synch with the Father, each step of the way. God will teach us along the way what we should do. Rely on Him for guidance, find your confidence in Him alone, walk closely by His side and you will find that you are leading well!

Really good leaders are really good followers!

Read Exodus chapter 4 this week and jot down a few things you notice about Moses’ thoughts and God’s responses.



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