Woman of Influence

Women of InfluenceEach year I try to make a list of books that I would like to read. They are ones that have piqued my interest, topics that relate to something I am going through, struggling with, or wanting to get better at. Currently at my bedside is the book Becoming a Woman of Influence, by Carol Kent. I started reading it because I not only want to be a woman of positive change, but also because I just don’t ever really feel qualified to be influencing others. I mean, what do I really have to offer?

Thoughts that really destroy my desire to embrace my role as a wife in full time ministry, and therefore miss the opportunities to positively influence others, are just what Satan is hoping for.

Let’s be honest, in the realness of our day, we sometimes don’t feel like being responsible for our actions. We want the freedom to do what we want, without the added pressure or guilt that comes with it. We struggle with the fact that anything and everything we do impacts someone, somewhere.

Take a moment and think through all the people you encounter throughout your day. Your husband. Your children. A bus driver. A bank teller. A cashier. A receptionist. A friend. A neighbor. Whether you are intentional about it or not, you are influencing them with every interaction you have with them. Your reaction to a comment, your response to a situation, your nonverbal body language all say something.

I wonder how many times I’ve been lazy with my reactions and hurt my chances at having a positive, Godly impact on another person. Being in full time ministry means we have to think twice about the things we do, the things we say, and the way we say them.

I want to encourage you this week to be intentional about your interactions with others.   Be looking for ways to encourage and influence those within your reach by having a heart of service. Becoming a woman of influence isn’t something we can choose to do when it’s convenient, when we feel up to it, or when others are expecting it from us.

A woman of Godly influence carries grace, wisdom and love with her as she encounters people throughout her day.

Who is within your reach that needs a positive touch today?

How can you tangibly influence others so they see God in you?

What do you feel is most important to influence others about? How are you doing it?




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