Wrapping It All Up

Dec 24 Wrapping it all up

Here are just a few holiday suggestions to make your Christmas Eve less chaotic and more enjoyable!

10 Last minute items for the ministry wife to “wrap up” on Christmas Eve:

  1. Pick out and iron children’s clothes for Christmas Eve Service tonight.
  2. Tuck away the silly Christmas tie that your husband is planning to wear and replace it with a more mature option.
  3. Take a half hour and go through all your wrapped gifts to make sure the nametags, bows, and ribbons are in place and ready to go.
  4. What? No gifts wrapped yet? Then spend the half hour prioritizing which gifts need to be wrapped first, and which can wait until later this evening.
  5. Stocking Stuffers: Everyone remembers the gifts, but did you remember stocking stuffers?
  6. Write out a few extra Christmas cards and have ready in your purse for when you’re given a card or gift tonight that you weren’t expecting.
  7. Plan a crockpot meal for tonight and a Christmas breakfast casserole for the morning so that food is ready whenever you are!
  8. Purchase enough boxes of Russell Stover’s assorted chocolates to give to the other pastor’s on staff since you forgot to get them something.
  9. Consider purchasing a veggie, cheese and cracker, or fruit tray for your family when they get home from the service tonight.
  10. Take a half hour, a warm cup of tea, and your thoughts to a quiet spot. Use this time to reset your thinking, to refuel your energy, and remember your Savior.

Breathe Ministry wishes you and your family a truly blessed Christmas.  May you see the lavish love of our Savior as you reflect over the year and it’s many blessings.  Thank you for your faithful service to your husband, family, ministry, and others within your reach!

We, too will be taking some time over this Christmas holiday to reflect, refuel, and remember.  In order to prepare for the good work God has for us in 2015, Breathe Ministry will be taking December 26th – January 1 to enjoy family, hear from the Lord, and be ready to go once 2015 arrives!  We are excited for what is ahead!

Merry Christmas!

Breathe Ministry

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