Admonish Mentor Program

The Admonish Mentor Program offers 3 months of one on one mentoring specifically with your needs in mind. We provide you with an experienced mentor to help you navigate the ups and downs of ministry life. Our mentors are trained to listen, be a sounding board, pray with and for you, and offer encouragement in your ministry situation. Want someone to do life with? Our Mentorship Program is for you! Look over their profiles and see who might be your next mentor.

Admonish Mentor Program

1. Read through the profiles of our mentors and decide on 1-2 you might like to work with.

2. Fill out the basic information requested by clicking the following link.

3. Receive a followup email within 1 business day confirming the status of your mentor. (Due to case-load size, some mentor’s status may be “inactive”).

4. Once the invoice is paid, you will receive a call from your mentor to get started!



Janice is a happily retired pastor’s wife, who with her husband pastored three churches in two states for over forty years. She thoroughly enjoyed ministering alongside her husband. They have three grown children. Two of their three children live near them so they get to enjoy three of thier grandchildren regularly. The upside of her son and his wife living away is they escape Idaho winters and flee to the warmth of the southwest.

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    Before Jean was born, doctors told her mother that giving birth to a seventh time could kill her, and it almost did.  Her mother was very sick during her childhood, and grew up blaming herself. This produced very low self esteem and shyness in her life. She was very close to her brother, Ronnie who was her constant friend and protector. Her brother passed away when she was twelve in a drowning accident at a Christian day camp. At that point, Jean turned her back on God and everything that she had learned. Her teenage years were spent searching for happiness in one direction after another.

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    Alyson was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts into a Navy home. Military life brought frequent moves (Virginia, Hawaii, Mississippi, and California). In 1993, at the age of 18, she married Carl, and the Air Force moved them to England and then Colorado. Four years later, they moved to Wisconsin for Bible college. She is the homeschool mother of five children, from 11 years old to 22. She was a pastor’s wife for 12 years, serving in various ministry positions. She loves people and is told she is a great listener. Currently, her family is raising support to minister as missionaries in England to the U.S. military and the diverse culture of England.

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