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Janice is a happily retired pastor’s wife, who with her husband pastored three churches in two states for over forty years. She thoroughly enjoyed ministering alongside her husband. They have three grown children. Two of their three children live near them so they get to enjoy three of thier grandchildren regularly. The upside of her son and his wife living away is they escape Idaho winters and flee to the warmth of the southwest. Janice was a stay-at-home mother for the first ten years after her children were born, but when Focus on the Family moved from California to Colorado, she would not resist going to work for them. She worked in their research department and therefore was quick to realize that for all the resources they had for families, they had virtually none for pastors’ wives. So following her normal modus operandi, without any training, she launched a monthly newsletter for women married to ministers called The Pastor’s Wife. Last year she compiled 300 questions from pastor’s wife into a book titled “What Would the Pastor’s Wife Say?” She also was able to start up a website off that book.

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